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We enable front line managers to access live data, in a simple, easy to use format. Managers are then able to make proactive decisions to improve daily productivity and efficiency. Read more about the benefits

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It’s surprising how many organisations still use manual reporting when they would be more efficient and profitable with Automated Metrics.abled us to access key information daily, improving our management objectives and giving us significant advantages over our competitors
Margaret Hynes
Head of Business J Donohoe BMW
As General Manager I get a detailed view of all departments performance, in real time. At the click of a button I see stock lists, parts stock plus all sales and after sales KPI’s. A really worthwhile system.I’m really glad we came on board.
Callum Bottomley
General Manager Behbehani Motors, Porsche Centre Kuwait

Our industry has awakened, and our dream is now our reality with Automated Metrics.The clunky extracting of data from various reports is now in the past. Automated Metrics is not only a key management business tool but a platform for our front-line staff, improving daily budgeting and target reviews.It is the perfect fit for our business needs.

Rebecca Doyle
Head of Business Bolands BMW

Automated Metrics has changed the landscape of Aftersales Reporting. By replacing the time of running reports and calculating targets with live, clear, simple charts and figures with actions, enables more time to be spent driving the business forward. Knowing where we are, ensures we know where we are going.

Rory Clarke
Group Operations Director Connellys Motor group


This Is What Our Customers Have To Say About Automated Metrics

noel stewart

“Our managers need key information to enable them to manage the sales effectively. Allowing them to act in a timely manner. If you want your business to be better than most, you’ve got to measure what you’re doing, and you’ve got to have live information.”

— Noel Stewart, Managing Director, Blackstone Motors

Hard to accurately measure sales performance of Departments on a day to day basis.

What they did:

Runs reports from the DMS and dissect spreadsheets.

Simple easy to use numbers on business performance. Easy to measure performance based off invoicing. Ability to drill into the finer detail and recognise key areas that we were able to improve on immediately. Improved after sales performance from 70% absorption ratio to 82%. Our GP% and aged stock performance have improved significantly and negated the downturn in new car sales, enabling the group to maintain profitability.

“Automated Metrics is now part of my everyday life. It’s a tool we would be lost without! We easily recover our investment in the first few days of the month. It will have a MASSIVE benefit on your business. It will save you a HUGE amount of time. It will identify your opportunities on a DAILY basis.”

— Adam Ingles – Group After Sales Manager at Kearys Automotive Group

adam inglis
A very time consuming and laborious manual task to gather the information required.

What they did:
Access POS for each site. Run reports, print or save the data, make notes and then manually workout the calculations.

Results: Simple easy to use data at the click of a button for group and individual site performance. Hours per retail job card and parts sales per labour hrs sold, has now improved along with our VHC sales performance. Retail mix has improved. Can now identify areas for inviduals productivity improvement and address WIP. Our GP% has improved. Improved aged stock performance.

“It will give your managers more time to get positive results. We seen Massive improvements in our after sales and ancillary revenue.”

— Richard O’Brien, General Sales Manager, Renault Retail Group – Dublin

richard o brien
Frustration with the time involved running reports and accessing the data.

What they did:
We would have ran reports from our CDK DMS. Very time consuming. 30 mins per day delving into excel spreadsheets before management meetings.

Results: The level of reporting is better. More time to look at the data to make decisions and work on the areas of the business that require improvements in margin retention. Created more competition and a bit of a buzz in the business. F&I and Ancillary income MASSIVE improvements from 97% to over 115%.

“It’s very hard to achieve target if you’re not measuring on a daily basis. Reviewing performance at the end of the month and seeing you’re 200hrs off the budget, is too late!!”

— Dave O’Flynn – Group Financial Controller at Blackwater Motor Group

david o flynn
Manually reporting process with spreadsheets.

What they did:
4 Accountants preparing daily reports taking 30-45 mins per day at a cost of €12,000 per annum.

We now have consolidated informationin in one place, live, at the touch of a button. Automated Metrics has totally eliminated a €12,000 cost to the business. Our managers now make proactive decisions from live data the efficiency and productivity of their departments, resulting in significant improvements to bottom line net profits for the business.
brendan keary

“If you’re measuring your performance earlier in the month, you’ll always find you’ll get better results at the end of the month.”

— Brendan Keary – General Manager, Kearys Automotive Group

Before: A very time consuming and laborious manual task to gather the information required.What they did: Pulled reports from CDK DMS on a monthly or weekly basis.It wasnt an easy process and I would get the accountants to assist.Results: Life is now a lot easier. 1st thing in the morning I can see how the business is performing at the clck of the button on an easy to use system.

Automatically Check The Metrics That Let You Hit Your Monthly Targets Every Time

Automated Metrics tracks your key performance indicators throughout the day and highlights cashflow and revenue opportunities.

This Is What You Can Monitor Throughout The Day

Work in Progress

WIP status needs managing + Tens of £’000 in cashflow can be released!

Future Booking Level

Identifying shortfalls in bookings + Enables proactive workshop scheduling.

Throughput Levels

Monitor daily workshop activity + Increased throughput improves profitability

Technician Efficiencies

Track individuals KPI’s + Improves individuals daily performance

Stock Performance & Profile

Identify underperforming stock + Saves £’000’s / wk

F&I Benchmarks

Measure individual executives performance rates + ??%. Where do they need to be?

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