Benefits of Automated Metrics

Automatically Check The Metrics That Let You Hit Your Monthly Targets Every Time

Automated Metrics tracks your key performance indicators throughout the day and highlights cashflow and revenue opportunities.

This Is What You Can Monitor Throughout The Day

Work in Progress

WIP status needs managing + Tens of £’000 in cashflow can be released!

Future Booking Level

Identifying shortfalls in bookings + Enables proactive workshop scheduling.

Throughput Levels

Monitor daily workshop activity + Increased throughput improves profitability

Technician Efficiencies

Track individuals KPI’s + Improves individuals daily performance

Stock Performance & Profile

Identify underperforming stock + Saves £’000’s / wk

F&I Benchmarks

Measure individual executives performance rates + ??%. Where do they need to be?

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This Is How You Can Turn Performance Metrics Into Bottom Line Profit

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This is the average increase our customers get.
Our customers see sustainable recurring improvements on bottom line margins…

These generate 20-30% more profit on average.

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Maximize Your Daily Labour Sales

We track your sales and identify how you can sell more hours.

How is this possible?

Our system tracks shortfalls in bookings so you can optimize your diary.

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automated metrics screenshots
automated metrics screenshot

Monitor Your WIP Levels At Any Time

  • Live WIP Reports
  • Track parts, jobs and invoice status
  • Know what to focus on today, tomorrow and in the future

How is this possible?

We identify un-invoiced WIP throughout the day sorted by individual sale types

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Identify Underperforming Stock

  • We categorize vehicle & parts stock, by age, value & source
  • Track parts, jobs and invoice status
  • Know what to focus on today, tomorrow and in the future.

How much is underperforming stock REALLY costing you?

£’000 Capital tied up in non performing assets

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finance products increase car dealership sales

Track Individuals F&I Performance

  • Measure executives penetration rates
  • Set individual and group targets

How is this possible?

We target and track individuals and site daily performance of F&I sales activity


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£199 – £399/Month

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